Stages of relationship: from sympathy to love

You've already had a first date. It seems everything goes right, sympathy has arisen, but one is not enough for the continuation of the relationship. It is necessary to take the right steps towards rapprochement. First of all, the speed of this rapprochement depends on you and the gradual transition from one stage to another. Everything else is beyond your control. However, if you understand how the process of falling in love takes place, you will avoid many troubles that eventually lead to collapse.

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As a rule, it is traditional: the man is an enterprising part, the woman is the host (passive). To proceed to the next stage, both must fulfill their roles: it requires the preservation of attractiveness and inaccessibility. Actively make gifts, organize surprises, romantic dates, so that this most impregnable fortress will fall. Then life is charming and fascinating: emotions are splashed, a little cloud of love gradually appears in the head, butterflies begin to soar at the thought of the past or forthcoming meeting.

Satisfying roles in a relationship

So, if you go from stage to stage, falling in love covers both at the same time. If someone is not inwardly matured, the excess zeal of a partner may frighten and alienate. Therefore, it is worth cooling slightly and infecting with love gradually. The indicator of readiness is usually the first sex. If everything is fine after it, the couple revel in each other's company, they often call up, social networks appear cherished records "there is a friend", both commit insane acts in the name of love.

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This period lasts not very long, because if you want to make an impression before, now it seems that you can show yourself in present. Partners relax and show their true nature. And if initially the impulse was set strong, the partners will be able to cope with unpleasant revelations. True, on the foreground, here comes not the attraction, but the compatibility of characters, attitudes and principles.

Relationship Development Stages


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