Dating - The First Date (The Interview)
Okay. So now you have gone through the vetting stage and you have decided to arrange to meet. Exciting stuff! Yes? I think so. But let’s make sure it's memorable for all the right reasons and doesn’t turn into the date from hell that will take 25 years before you can get to the point where you can laugh about it.

Well, it is like an interview when you think about it. You have exchanged each other's resumes (profiles), have communicated via email a few times, and have decided you both like what has been presented so far—and now it is time to meet.

It seems the best method is to meet ...

This is only an extract from this chapter.

Topics covered in this chapter include: Meeting face to face, Exclusivity?, Safety tips, Getting ready for your first meeting, Your five major senses, Who pays for the first date? And many, many more helpful ideas and tips.

This chapter also includes stories from real people sharing their experiences of their first date through meeting someone online.


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