Let The Communication Begin

Okay, this is exciting. But if not done correctly, it can be really frustrating and even annoying. Sorting through contacts to find out if you have even remotely anything in common can become a chore. So let’s look at how we do this so it doesn’t happen to you.

Dating sites vary in what they call the contact that you will receive or send to another site member. They are called smiles, winks, hugs, kisses, to name a few. For ease of reference, we will call them a “cyber contact”.

A word of warning: Please read someone’s profile in its entirety before you send them a cyber contact. This is really important. If someone has ...

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Topics included in this chapter: All forms of communication and contact on the dating sites - a comprehensive look at how to do this successfully, Guidance on weeding out the people you don't wish to have contact you, and how to communicate successfully with the ones you do, Making sure that you look out  for you.




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