Your Dating Site Profile

 If you are after a genuine partner on the Internet dating sites and chat rooms, then be a genuine person. If you are only after some fun or a casual relationship, then state that in your profile or chat communication. There is nothing wrong with stating this. There are heaps of people out there looking for the same thing. Be up-front and honest. Remember, you are dealing with real people and real feelings. Let the genuine people have a chance to find each other and not become burnt because they keep meeting people who only really want a bit of fun.

Tip No. 1
The very first thing you will need to do is work out what name you wish to use on the dating site. All contacts to and from you will be via this name. The profile name that you pick really is very important, as this is the very first impression of yourself that you give someone before they even look at your profile. For example, if you give yourself the profile name ...

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Topics covered in this chapter: All aspects of creating a profile, including your profile photo

Yvonne has an example in this chapter of one of her dating site profiles which she created and used when she was researching for her book. 




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