Dating Sites: What to look for and to look out for

Before you sign up on ANY dating site, click onto their “Terms and Conditions”. You will be asked to agree to them before you are allowed to sign up. Read them. This is extremely important! Please don’t just click “I agree” and not read them—and here are some of the reasons why you should do so ...

So it really is worthwhile doing a little research and finding out which dating site(s) will suit you. As you can see, with all those facilities available to you, not only do you dramatically increase your options and chances of finding the one for you, but you are doing it in a safe and fun environment as well. How good is that!

This is only an extract from this chapter.

Topics covered in this chapter include: Looking at what services dating sites have to offer you. How to make sure you are protected.

Yvonne does not recommend any dating sites for you to join as she feels this is an individual preference. But she does guide you on how to make sure you have or do choose a reputable one. 




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