As you have already gathered, I am a huge supporter of online dating and it is my goal to see you succeed in your journey to finding the one for you. I can't promise that I will have all the answers but with my years of experience, research and knowledge of this exciting world, I will give it my best shot to help you.

If you would like me to keep in touch so that I may be of help to you by sharring any updates, tips or constructive advice about dating online and you would also like the opportunity to express your thoughts and ask questions - it would be my absolute pleasure!

Who know's it could be that one little bit of information that I pass onto you or that one open discussion that could turn the corner for you in successfully finding the person that is out there for you. But, remember, you are not alone in this search—they are out there looking to find you too!

I have no interest in inundating you with useless information—that would be wasting our time (and we both have better things to do). But, I would like to help you in your goal to have a more successful journey in dating online. By helping you, I also achieve my goal—which is changing the way everyone dates online so that it is enjoyable, safe and the no.1 way to successfully find the partner you seek. So together we are actually helping each other. How good is that!

Please feel free to fill in your name and email address. I look forward to our helping each other and chatting soon!

Smiles to you,

Yvonne Rice

If you have any concerns about your information, please read our privacy policy. We respect you and your details and do not under any circumsatance give out this information.

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