With the online dating world increasing at a rate of approximately 20 per cent per year globally—that is staggering, isn’t it?—you are definitely in the right place to find that person who is out there for you. So let's make sure you are equipped to find them safely and not let them bypass you. Let’s face it—meeting “the one”, be it in real life or on the Internet, is usually by chance, but on the Internet how you present yourself will mean success or rejection because, unlike meeting someone face-to-face, on the Internet you only get one click of the mouse at it. So let’s make sure it’s a good one. Let’s make sure that the one for you clicks on your profile so that you can find each other—and you don’t get passed over because they look at the next person’s profile below you!

The tips for success in this book are very easy to follow and very concise. They are designed for quick access on any subject to do with online dating. You may have heard of a few of these tips before if you have or are already dating online; however, I’m confident that there are many tips you are unaware of that will add value to your search in finding the person who is out there waiting for you.

Please take the time to read each tip carefully and avoid the temptation to skip through it if you have heard it before or if it seems obvious, or you are already putting it into practice. Sometimes it can be just that one little point  that can make a huge difference to your success. Every step has been covered here in this book because they have proved to be important and, like the pieces of a picture puzzle, all pieces need to be put together in the right place so that you can get the entire picture and not one with holes or gaps in it. Each tip works with the next one to help you.

This book is a valuable tool, but it is only as valuable and powerful as you make it. For these tips to work, you simply need to read all of them and then put them into practice. Then read them again so that you give yourself the chance to see your opportunities for success. If you are already dating online, it will give you the tools to do it differently from how you’ve done it before, so that you don’t get so frustrated or bored. The world of online dating has matched millions of people all over the world who would never otherwise have found each other. How fantastic is that! If you do it right, one of those people could be you. You’ll never know unless you try.

That being said, let’s begin!

Smiles to you

Yvonne Rice


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