And Last but Not Least

As I have been writing this book, I have had heaps of people tell me that they have now met someone from an Internet dating site or chat room and are happily in a relationship, and some have even married. Remember my friend that I told you about who sent me the email saying he loved his freedom but missed the companionship that a relationship brings? Well, he’s now engaged and to be married to a girl he met over the Internet.

I have to admit that I too became disillusioned with this Internet dating thing, and I wanted to change the experience of frustration—and at times even boredom—that everyone feels when opening every contact and having to decipher what the sender was trying to communicate (let alone whether you have anything in common) because they haven’t paid any attention to what you said in your profile and the type of person you were looking for.

I had finished the research aspect for my book and was on the dating sites purely to (hopefully) find someone who was just right for me—just like everyone else. But I reached a point where my enthusiasm was somewhat lacking, and I had decided to give the dating sites a miss for a while. I was about to delete, without even reading (yes, I am human too) the last contact that I received. As my mouse was about to click Delete, I thought better of it as I really should at least respond, even if it was a “Thank you, but no, thank you”. The profile name intrigued me, so I opened the profile. I was really surprised at what I found ...

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