Scams, Rip-off Artists and Sexual Predators

Warning: After reading this chapter, I hope your money will be too scared to leave your pockets and you will think twice about meeting someone for sex or inviting that potential overseas person you don’t actually know to be your spouse!

You think I’m kidding? Well, I can assure you I’m not . . . so it’s time to “out” the “low-lifes”!

These scam artists target everyone. They see the straight, gay and transgender online communities as the perfect hunting grounds, so please be careful. The majority of people on the internet dating sites and chat rooms are genuine people looking to make new friends and find a partner. Then there are those who are not . . . so this chapter is designed to help you detect a scammer - what to look for and what to do about it.

The following are the basic category types that most scams fall into for Internet dating sites and chat room users. The scammers all have the same “end game”: to trick, deceive, lure, manipulate, coerce, intimidate and lie to you so that they can take your money and as much of your money as they can possibly get! Then dump you!!! But for the seedier types of scammers, it’s not only about money, as in the case of sexual predator scams. They are out to really hurt you or the little people in your life and use you as a means to get to them.

Scam artists succeed because they ...

This is only an extract from this chapter.

Topics covered in this chapter include: Money scams, Marriage/spouse or sponsorship scams,Telephone scams, Prostitution scams, Sexual predators, Robbery scams, The human predatory spider, Bullies, The scam detector, The "Rock Spider" (child sex offenders), and many, many more.
This chapter also has real people sharing their experiences of online scammers.














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