Dating - The Internet (Okay, so now you have a profile, what next?)

There is an interesting behaviour that is evolving with people who use Internet dating as a way to meet people. I know it can be disillusioning sometimes, but look at the positive aspects of it. Everyone is actually gaining more self-confidence without even realising it. In order to meet someone you have found on a dating site, you have to do exactly that: go and physically meet someone you have never met and introduce yourself to them. That takes courage, and the more you do this the more confident you become. If I were an employer looking to employ someone, the very first thing I would be tempted to ask is, “Are you on an Internet dating site?” If you were, I would be very impressed. Every sales manager’s dream is to employ sales staff who have the confidence to go out and “cold call” on a prospective new client. If you are on an Internet dating site, you are doing exactly this—only this is harder because emotions are involved as well. So, good for you! You have a lot more confidence and self-esteem than you even realise!

Oh, and by the way. for the straight girls reading this: on most of the Internet dating sites, the ratio of men to women is three, sometimes four, to one. So when you are complaining that there aren’t any single men out there, I would be signing up on an Internet dating site quick smart if I were you!

But there is one other thing I would like you to think about before we continue our journey, and it seems that everyone is guilty of this. It is ...
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Topics covered in this chapter include: Reading a profile, Married and on the singles dating sites, That first impression, Ask the question, Proceed with caution, Replying, Guarding against rejection, Age does matter, Those written words, Respect, Email abuse, What to say, Chatting online, Falling in love?, Players, and many, many more.

This chapter also includes real people sharing their experiences of online dating.




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