So You Would Like to Explore Online Dating? - The Profile

So why has a large section of the straight and gay single population all over the world turned to the Internet to find that elusive life partner? And I’m not just talking here about Generation Confused (the over-40s age group) either. A huge percentage of young people are using the Internet to find prospective partners—and with great success. This in itself is very interesting because people in this age group still go to the clubs and pubs. So why would they be dating online in abundance?

Because this is their world. The electronic era of mobile phones and Internet chatting is a part of everyday life for them. This age group does everything online: working, socialising, even handling their personal life such as their finances and shopping . . . all online. And most of them have rarely, if ever, actually gone inside a bank to transact over the counter. So with this type of thinking in mind, it would only be natural that, as this age group communicate and live the majority of their waking hours online, they feel comfortable enough and at total ease using this medium for dating . . . just the next step, really. A natural progression.
Because of bad experiences when surfing the Internet dating scene, there are numbers of unsatisfied, disillusioned and disgruntled online daters. Unfortunately, because there still seems to be a degree of embarrassment attached to meeting someone on the Internet dating scene, it is the voices of these people only that are heard. The people who successfully meet their soul mate online will opt to say that they met through a mutual friend and leave the conversation at that. So with very few people announcing the positives, it’s the unhappy ones who are producing the negatives that are heard. It makes it tough for people to get a true picture of online dating, but I guess that’s just life.

Hopefully I will be able to help you in this process so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. With that being said, let’s you and I go exploring!.
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Topics covered in this chapter include: Exploring dating sites and what to look for, Identity theft and how to avoid it, How to pick a dating site that suits you, Questions to ask the dating site managers, Services that are available for your safety, The language of the Internet, How to put a profile together, and many, many more topics.

This chapter also has real people sharing their experiences of online dating, and Yvonne has an example of one of her dating site profiles that she used whilst researching for her book.

Please note: Yvonne does not recommend any dating sites in her book as she feels this is an individual preference. She does, however, take you step by step through the entire process to help and guide you on a better, safer and more successful online dating journey.







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