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I hadn’t heard of this expression before and was quite intrigued by it. Then I realised what it was. It’s a revamped term for the “blind date”! You know, the one where half the time you wish you were blind, complete with a white stick.

This is where a well-meaning friend of yours rings you and says excitedly, “I have the perfect person for you!” I don’t know about you, but the first thing that runs through my head is “Oooh, spare me”. I cringe when I hear “You will love him. He’s good looking,” (I’ve heard that one before) “intelligent, has a great sense of humour, and is a really, really lovely guy.” (Really? Why is he single then, you think to yourself.) “You have to meet him. When are you free?” (The word “Never” instantly pops into my mind.) “Oh, really, how lovely of you to think of me. How about next Friday?” you find yourself saying. “Yes, that would be great! I have told him all about you. And he is really looking forward to meeting you. He has been asking me for ages to organise it!”

Fabulous, you think to yourself. Just what I need: a guy full of pumped-up expectations about meeting a woman he has never seen a photo of, really only has second-hand information regarding my character—not to mention any other information my friend has enthusiastically passed on to him that I may not want him to know about before I have even met him! The Internet dating sites are looking better and better; you can at least check each other out first!

Ah, what the heck, you think. I can ... 

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Topics covered in this chapter: The blind date, History repeating itself? and more.





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