Dating - Sex on the Net

Well, this is a tricky topic, isn’t it? I had to really think long and hard about how I was going to broach this topic with you, I can assure you!

So you want to go and “play” on the adult dating sites and chat rooms? Okay, let’s go and explore what you might find.

There is no disputing that the Internet has opened up a vast array of different types of sexual voyeurism—by the click of a mouse and the use of a credit card—to those who otherwise would never have ventured down this path even in their wildest dreams. Some researchers say that a quarter of all online surfers’ search requests are for pornography, and that at least one fifth of the adult population have accessed an adult website—of which there are over 500 million on the World Wide Web. They say that the revenue generated worldwide by the online adult industry is worth in excess of US$57 billion.
I make no judgments here—I would like to make that very clear—and I do not wish to offend anyone either. Having said this, I think it is important that we have a look at this subject, as it is a very different world now and has a huge impact on the singles dating scene no matter what age group you are in (we are assuming over 18 years old here). This applies to both men and women of any sexual preference, race or belief—not only from the ...

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Topics covered in this section: Exploring the Adult Dating Sites, The Mouse "trap", Some very interesting statistics, Scams, and many other topics.





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