"Burn the Bra" - The Women's Movement
As single, professional young women, we had it all. The brains, the lifestyle and the cash. We had the disposable income that our female predecessors could only ever have dreamed about. We could afford the latest fashion, drive nice cars, live in modern townhouses and furnish them in the latest contemporary styles; have cleaning ladies and ironing ladies to do the menial tasks that we didn’t want to do (now, there’s hypocrisy for you!); travel overseas, invest in property and shares, go out to discos and nightclubs whenever we wanted to.
No more sitting at home on a Saturday night waiting for a date as our foremothers did. We asked men to dance if we fancied them, asked them out on dates, bought them drinks, and even paid our 50 per cent of the dinner tab. We were beholden to no man. Those who were a little more adventurous ... 

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Topics covered in this section: The introduction of the Women's Movement and the impact that this had on the structure of relationships.



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