Men and the Emancipated Woman

Okay, guys, as I promised it’s your turn now. So what was it like for the men in our lives at this time in history? What was it like for them as little boys being groomed as the provider species, only to encounter, as they were growing up, the emergence of a movement that would no longer be the traditional other half of this partnership but wanted equality within it?
... guys in their 20s really were fumbling in the dark for the light switch, and to some extent by the time they found the light they had a few bruises to show for it. There weren’t any male role models in those days to “light the way” and show these guys what was expected of them by the women of the day.

The general consensus from all of the men that I interviewed was that they ...

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Other topics covered in this chapter: Men's liberation, Men's thoughts on commitment, Men's thoughts on Women as equals, and more.







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