Love Sex Lies
Why did I write this book? The answer is simple: because there was a need, a need for singles to have at their fingertips quick access to information that explores every aspect of being single, as well as the online dating worlds—not just the mainstream off- or online dating scene, but all of it. Something that helps you, guides you, and takes away some of the confusion, frustration and even fear—especially when it comes to dating online.

Internet dating is a fantastic medium, and you and I together will explore how to do it safely and enjoyably, and get on the right path to successfully fast-track finding that person you seek. And allow that special person, who is also out there seeking you, to find you.

I have written this book for you. A book that doesn’t just skim the surface, telling horror stories about online dating, but one that arms you with the understanding of why we singles have arrived in the millions (yes, you read correctly—millions) to use this phenomenon call the Internet—whilst also giving you the tools to help you successfully find the one you seek and exactly how to go about doing precisely that.

Let’s face it: as human beings we are neither mentally nor emotionally geared to find our prospective partner via a two-dimensional screen. Meeting someone—anyone (let alone a prospective partner)—via this medium is foreign to us. With the Internet really only evolving in the past few years as being an acceptable way of our meeting and communicating socially with each other, online dating has finally been allowed to “come out of the closet”, so to speak—which is fantastic news! So using this form of communication and medium:

How do we weed out the people that we think are unsuitable and find the one who is?

How do we communicate what we want—and actually get it? 

When we physically meet this person (who in reality is a complete stranger), how can we make sure we are safe—no matter how many times we have chatted to them online?.

Well, this is exactly what you and I will explore together, and . . .ooh, so much more! This book has been written to set the protocol, so to speak, or the guidelines for every aspect of the online dating scene. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned cyber-dater, this book has been written for you.

This book is called A controversial but honest look into Love Sex Lies and the Internet mouse “trap” because it is controversial by the mere fact that it covers every aspect of being single and every aspect of all of the online dating worlds. As you will see, we will leave no subject unexplored. So if you would prefer not to explore all of these worlds, then I would suggest and highly recommend to you my other book Finding “The One” - a powerful step-by-step guide to making online dating work for you, which is not controversial but is a more sedate “cut-to-the-chase” guide for mainstream online dating.

To me, in reality as singles, regardless of our age, religious beliefs, economic circumstance, race or sexual preferences, our experiences are the same. They just come packaged a little differently. As you will see, on the right-hand side of this page under “Love Sex Lies” there is a list of all of the chapter headings in this book (please feel free to click on any of these headings for an extract from that chapter). Together, you and I will explore all aspects of being single and this wonderful world called Internet dating—the good, the bad, and the downright ugly!

I am a huge supporter of Internet dating. In my research to write this book, I have met and been privileged to interview the humble through to the exceptionally wealthy, and everyone else in between—all online. I have been fortunate enough to have thousands of people contribute their stories of dating online, as well as input from law enforcement agencies, government agencies and communities, and have incorporated some of these stories into this book for you to read and be guided by. Some of these stories will make you laugh, and some will show you how to look out for yourself so that you don’t get scammed, disillusioned or bored in the process of finding that special person who is also out there—looking to find you.

I am looking forward, too, and excited about sharing all of this and much more with you.

Here’s to the possibilities of your success! Are you ready? Fantastic! Let’s go and explore this exciting world—together.

Smiles to you

Yvonne Rice



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