You may find these useful in your journey through online dating.

We have provided them to assist you. Remember, there are literally millions and millions of people turning to the Internet to find a partner. It is estimated that this industry is growing at a rate of 20% per year—and that is globally!

So be patient in your search online, stay safe, and may life bring you great happiness.

Smiles to you

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The Dating Association is a worldwide organisation that has been set up specifically to monitor the online dating world.

This organisation’s members are dating sites around the world, all joining together with the one aim of creating a safe environment for people using the Internet to meet others. If you have a genuine concern about safety issues or fraudulent behaviour from a dating site, please feel free to contact the Association. The 419 Eater is a group of online Nigerian and West African Scam Hunters.

This group of people hunt out these scammers and bust them so that they can't scam anyone again. It's a very informative site. If you feel you or someone you know have or are being lured by this group of scammers, get in touch with the 419 Eaters. Agency Scam is dedicated to tracking and busting the scams from Russian and Asian dating agencies.

These scammers hook innocent men (and sometimes women) into paying out money for so-called genuine women looking for a husband outside of their country that they have no intentions of marrying or lasting with. This is a great site for information on real life scams and offers support to those who have been scammed. If you are looking at getting involved with an overseas women - we would highly recommend you go to this site first. Virtual Global Task Force is a worldwide law enforcement agency that has been specifically set up to hunt child sex offenders who use the Internet to lure innocent children and exploit them.

Sexual predators are now targeting the online dating sites for the heterosexual, gay and transgender dating scene. Please contact them if you feel someone is asking too many questions about the little people in your life, or if they appear to want to be involved with them online even before you have met them. It's much better to be safe than devastated! Changeling Aspects is an organisation for the transgender community.

This organisation is for the education of those who seek information and those who need support. Please feel free to contact this site if you need help or guidance in this area. They are extremely helpful and non-judgmental, and are there for support.



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