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ImageWhat I have learnt in researching for these books has not only opened my eyes but also my heart.

It has taken me literally thousands of hours of dedication to research, interview, cross-reference and write all of the information that you are about to read in these book-—to the point where I am now considered an expert on the subjects contained within their pages. What a journey it has been!

I would like to thank the thousands and thousands of people all over the world who allowed me to interview them for their honesty and their thoughts—for without them these books wouldn't exist.

A very special thankyou to the various law enforcement and government agencies, communities and social watch groups who eagerly contributed their time, expertise, guidance and knowledge on the various topics contained in these books to educate and inform all of us.

Thank you to the strangers who have now become my friends.

Yvonne Rice


About Yvonne Rice

Yvonne has interviewed over 5,000 online singles and researched thousands of dating sites globally to write these books. She has had input from law enforcement and government agencies, social watch groups and gay and transgender communities who have all eagerly contributed to her research to bring a balanced and informative view of the online dating world.

Yvonne has also owned a dating agency (pre-Internet dating sites popularity) which included arranging dinner functions for singles of eight people. She is well versed in the singles lifestyle and is a single parent. She explains this more in her book A controversial but honest look into Love Sex Lies and the Internet mouse "trap".

She is also the publisher of a soon-to-be-released free ,global online magazine specifically tailored for the ever-growing singles market called MeetMeMag . Please feel free to click on the highlighted blue MeetMeMag and register your name with us and you will be sent the first edition hot off the Internet press! If you are unsure about this, please feel free to read our policy on privacy in the Privacy Policy  section on this website.

This magazine is for All SINGLES, regardless of age, gender or sexual preference, and is designed to add value to your life with useful information and services from our team of world experts from Money Matters to Scams to Life Coaching, Relationship Issues, Singles Travel, Singles Events, and many, many more.

Yvonne is also donating $1 from every sale to fund a project for orphans in Cambodia. This project is to build a much-needed school and medical facility for these little orphans. Yvonne's aim is to donate $400,000 USD from the sales of her books. This project will be tracked and its progress reported in MeetMeMag.com when it is launched.

She is not seeking donations. You are supporting this project just by buying her books.

Please feel free to go to www.sunrisechildrensvillage.org for more information on this very worthy cause.





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