Arranging To Meet
Let’s first cover the safety mechanisms for your protection. These are really important, so please don’t skip through them. Read them and put them into practice. You may initially think that I may be going a little overboard with some of these safety tips, but I would like you to consider this: dating online is no more dangerous than meeting someone in your social environment if you do it correctly and sensibly. The big difference is that your very first contact with them is “sight unseen”; it’s a cyber contact when you meet online. Your intuition is not able to guide you because you can’t physically see this person and speak with them. So please follow this advice. If you don’t, you could be leaving yourself open to be harmed.

Tip No. 1
When you arrange to meet, decide to ...

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Topics covered in this chapter include: Preparation for your first date, The five major senses, Safety tips to protect you, Codes of conduct, Travelling from afar to meet,Text or SMS Messaging, and many more.


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