A Word from the Chairman of The Dating Association

Whether you’re a new or seasoned dater, Love Sex Lies and the Internet mouse “trap” is the first and last book that you will ever need to read to truly understand the online dating scene. Thanks to Yvonne Rice’s depth of research, coupled with her wry sense of humour, this book provides  a clear, accurate and immensely well-balanced view of the good, the bad and the ugly sides of Internet dating in all of its forms.

Yvonne Rice leaves no stone unturned; she not only explores the mainstream online dating scene, but every facet of the industry, including the worlds of adult and gay dating. With its “access all areas” insight into the dating world as a whole, this book leaves you with your eyes wide open—either fully clothed or completely naked. Yvonne pulls no punches and tells it the way it is, and for that we should be grateful.

I have been involved in the online dating industry for well over ten years, which began at a time when it consisted of no more than a scattering of primitive forums. My journey has, amongst other things, rewarded me with a pretty broad wealth of experience, and I can honestly say that Yvonne Rice has covered the lot.

She exposes the truth, warts and all, but still leaves you with a real optimism that Internet dating is, and will continue to be, an enormously positive and fun experience and an essential part of our everyday lives.

As to those of you who know Yvonne: “Smiles to you, too”. This book reflects her delightful personality and her unique outlook on life, love and the Internet.

Robert Fathers
Chairman of The Dating Association


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