Dating - The Extra Appendages

For a lot of us “over the 30s” age group, even if we don’t have children of our own, the likelihood is pretty high that our prospective new love interest will have them. So what happens there?

We are back to square one, out there trying to do it all over again—only this time for some of us, when we look in the mirror, not only do we see a few changes (how many would you like me to list?) since we did it last time around in our 20s, but there are a few extra images in the mirror looking back at us . . . usually accompanied by “Muuuum..or Daaaad . . . where’s my . . . ?”

Yep, life is different now; that’s for sure! When we dated in our 20s, our prospective love had to contend with the approval of our friends and then our parents. Remember that meeting? Boy, were we nervous . . . well, I was. I never picked the right guys. My parents had every reason not to like them. Now, God help our prospective new love—they have to be scrutinised by our children. It’s much worst than taking the love of your life home to meet the parents . . . they were at least polite to them. But kids (and we do love them) will say and do what they please.

No amount of bribery or potential threats will stop them, and there is not a darn thing you can do about it, except to (hopefully) shrink microscopically into the carpet, glare the threat of death, and try and make light of the extremely embarrassing moment you are suffering, hope like heck the comment wasn’t noticed (you know it was) and hope your prospective love interest will still want to see you again . . . (fingers crossed). Yeah, right—only if they are deaf! And that would only be another thing the kids would pick on about them. You can just imagine it, can’t you?  "Eeehhh? . . . eehhh? . . . what did you say?" they would probably tease. Oh, please! As if it’s not hard enough trying to find someone you are compatible with ...

I have said all of this tongue in cheek, but the truth of the matter is that our children, no matter how old they are ...

This is only an extract from this chapter.

Topics covered in this chapter: What do you do when you are a single male or female and have children? How does this affect you, your prospective new partner and your children?




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