The Dating Game

... I think we all feel like this when we become single after a relationship is over: trying to find our feet again and adjust to life as a single person.

There are some truly wonderful people out there, and I don’t think they should be “dismissed” because they don’t live up to someone’s shopping list.

I have heard many times over the years the complaint “I don’t want someone with baggage!” Who coined that phrase anyway and made it part of our language? What an idiot!

I think that no matter what age or sex you are, everyone has “baggage”! It’s called “life experience” in all of its wonderful forms and facets—whether it be your own personal and emotional experiences, whether you have children, whatever your sexual preference, or whether the things that you have experienced in your life have had a positive or negative influence on your life. Those experiences have brought you to who you are now, and you should be exceptionally proud of yourself.

If you don’t want someone with “baggage”, then I suggest you ...

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Topics covered in this chapter include: Dating again after a relationship is over, Aspects of the single life (including the gay and transgender communities).






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