Technology and the Relationship
I am reminded of just how much we have advanced in technology when I see photographs of people standing in the middle of the street with horse-drawn carriages and maybe the occasional motorised vehicle in the background at the turn of the 20th century. Travel in those days was long and uncomfortable and not for the faint-hearted. There were no sealed bitumen roads, and it took days or sometimes weeks to travel what we would now travel in hours. The tyranny of distance was a problem no matter which country you lived in. To sail, for example, from Britain to Australia took months; now we can hop on a plane and pick any destination that our little heart desires to go to, and it only takes hours.

Communication took weeks, sometimes months, for the recipient to receive what we can now get in seconds. Heating was via open log fires that needed to be tended constantly in order to keep the chill out of the air. Now we use them for ambience and just flick a switch to keep warm. The mortality rate was very high due to illness and disease; we now have vaccines and medications to cure them, and we live much longer than our predecessors. Food was basic and subsistent. Now we indulge, with friends over lunch, in the finest of cuisine from any country in the world at the local restaurant; and man has walked on the Moon, whereas previously he could only gaze at it. Amazing, isn’t it? ...

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Topics covered in this chapter: What impact technology has had on the relationship. Money.




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